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By Tom O’Shea, CMC, Organizational Agility Practice Leader


Or since today is STAR WARS DAY … May the Fourth be with you. Anyone living and alert in the past couple of decades will undoubtably recognize the exhortation …may the “force” be with you!  The STAR WARS phenomenon has dominated the big screen as well as the follow-on merchandising bonanza for many, many years.  John Lucas and Steven Spielberg have been the “masters of the universe” in creating powerful images, animation and memorable characters for years on end!

The notion of SUPER HEROES is captivating, especially so for our young people who have grown up (and even those still in process) with full color, 3D animated and virtual reality … like my two grandsons who are obsessed with the super hero identity. Just like your kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews – my two MUST dress up as super heroes every single day – even as they swap out the actual character.  My 3 year old grandson was even recently captured in full super hero costume whispering to his 3 month old baby sister … “Don’t worry, I will protect you”!

This past week, I was able to spend a full week opening up a new, extraordinary client with one of my super-hero partners, Mike Richardson – based in the greater San Diego wine country (nice).  Our client is a major player in the interactive entertainment industry and routinely designs, programs and packages incredible super-hero epic experiences!  We worked with some of their emerging leaders  doing two day Team Agility workshops in their southern and northern California operating centers.

We helped introduce them to some of the concepts and “super powers” that truly AGILE organizations build to help them speed by their competition, create extraordinary “vision” across their enterprise worlds and even finding the strength and power to defeat the most formidable opponents.  In large, globally distributed organizations it can also sometimes feel like our interdependent teammates at other locations are almost like aliens on different planets with different cultures and speaking different languages (even when it is the same).

Over the more than fifteen years that we have been dedicated to understanding the idea of agility, we have discovered that the most extraordinary super powers that leaders, teams and organizations can build to capture real, sustainable competitive advantage (maybe even dominance) – can be framed as the capacity to become more FOCUSED, FAST & FLEXIBLE than all the rest of the “would be” super heroes.

The real “breakthrough” capabilities that matter most can be called the AGILITY FORCE™ … the power to Anticipate Change like you have SUPERMAN’S incredible vision, the ability to Generate Confidence for any battle like you are CAPTAIN AMERICA;  the speed for Initiating Action like you are THE FLASH; the capacity to Liberate Thinking like YODA; and of course the super-capacity to generate and Evaluate Results like LUKE SKYWALKER.  All of these superpowers are captured and framed in THE AGILE MODEL®.

If you want to find out the secrets to cracking the AGILITY CODE … you will have to contact us on the special frequency … the Agility Bat phone, Green Lantern beam … or just send us an email to set up a call?  What are the super powers you need to adapt and thrive in the VUCA world?   We have some insight on this topic … let’s talk.


About Tom O’Shea

tomoshea240Volatile, unpredictable, even erratic- these are the times we live in and exactly why Tom O’Shea is considered a trusted advisor and collaborator helping leaders, teams and organizations adapt and thrive by becoming more focused, fast and flexible in an increasingly complex and ambiguous world.

As Principal at Agility Consulting and Training, Tom brings a unique blend of strategic, operational and organizational expertise and support that is rare and valuable.  With perceptive insight, proven strategies and impactful coaching skills, he helps clients at the enterprise, team and individual leader levels exceed even their own expectations. Learn more about Tom here. 

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Focused, Fast & Flexible

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