Evaluating Results in Today’s Tumultuous Economy

Tom O'Shea |

Imagine trying to drive through a snowstorm using only your rear view window – not a very effective tool by itself, yet crucial for operating your vehicle. When it comes to navigating organizational performance, like the rear view window, traditional metrics are necessary for operations, yet limited in terms of individual results. The rapid pace of technological innovation and increased customer expectations requires a more fluid approach to performance measurement and a retained focus on key agility indicators to foster learning and improvement. This process of evaluating results is the fifth of five drivers of organizational agility in the Agile Model®

Beyond Core Business Processes

The move to a more Agile and resilient organization requires implementation of performance metrics on standard business processes like sales and profits.  It also measures how well a company anticipates change that will impact operations, generates confidence among employees and customers, initiates action through swift decision-making and promotes innovative ideas.  These key agility indicators are the outcomes we need to ensure employee engagement remains high and our organization is focused, fast and flexible.

The Importance of Feedback Mechanisms 

Openly receiving candid feedback helps organizations more thoroughly understand their issues, evaluate options to form conclusions, and make decisions for future growth. Real-time feedback mechanisms improve focus, alignment, and help to keep both customers and employees connected. It’s a tool for identifying what needs to be done and proactively taking the appropriate steps.

Moving Towards Organizational Agility

Organizations that can generate new strategic options and deploy their resources better and faster than their competition are capable of achieving organizational agility. Are you measuring the right things to help you become more focused, fast and flexible? What should you be measuring and are you providing real time feedback to your team so immediate action can be taken? Creating expectations through a focus on outcomes creates value added products and services for the customer – and that’s what measuring progress is all about, building capabilities to anticipate, adapt and thrive.

Tom O'Shea

As Principal at Agility Consulting, Tom brings a unique blend of expertise and support that’s rare in this competitive industry. With invaluable insight, proven strategies and coaching, he helps clients exceed even their own expectations.

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Focused, Fast & Flexible

Focused, Fast & Flexible

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